Late late late late late sleep sleep sleep sleep boy. Things are thick and strange I must must say. Proud of how I set up my snake tank all improv style when shit went bad. She’s sleeping now. Dang I want another snake! But that’s probably a bad decision right now, probably. Even though I’m pro and could take care of one easily. I’m always torn about such things. Feeling guilty about how it will effect people it really won’t effect at all. (Barring some great tragedy, and even then  it’s a small thing in reality (but I’ll still knock on wood)) but even so so so so so so so. I just don’t know you know you know I just don’t know. We went to a play this evening, honestly I almost forgot about it entirely. Remembered only because my mom texted to remind me. But I’m glad I didn’t forget. It was funny and beautiful and an amazing set. So many good jokes and true laughs. Excellent acting happening live before my eyes. The kind of thing that makes me feel astounded and alive. But my boy was and is sick and suffering. Some type of coughing thing. I’m hoping he’ll feel better soon, feeding him medicine and soup. I should try to sleep. Laying here staring at the red red light. Not yet time to sleep, not quite


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