And why the sea is boiling hot

I’m so wicked sick of staring at spreadsheets for hours and hours and days and days. But I’ve still got a solid 6 days of that ahead of me. And hey! Hopefully more! Hopefully lots fucking more! Hopefully oceans more! Because I need the money and all working is suffering but at least with this I can suffer on my couch while fish tank kings plays in the background. And I don’t have to talk to anyone face to face, which is a massive bonus. But I really am incredibly sick of it. Like I haven’t had a single complete “day off” where I didn’t do any work since this batch started which was… like….some time last week? I don’t even remember exactly it’s all just a big blurr of lines and links and ones and zeros. But pretty sure it’s been at least a week. Yeah, definitely! Because I was doing some the night we got the snake. Yeah. Whatever. Keep it coming, I need the money. Please, keep it coming. I’m deal. I’m tired and I have a headache and I haven’t eaten anything today and it’s 5:30 pm but I didn’t really do that on purpose, it just happened and I was going to eat something earlier but my brother asked if I wanted to go to the gym right then so I went instead and now my boyyyyy is going to bring food home for me, which is awesome… because I’m mad hungry. Time is going too fast. It’s fall and this month went too fucking fast it was just my birthday a few days ago how is it already about to be October? I have so much shit I need to deal with I’m really not ready for it to be October. Suck as much as I can out of these days, between spreadsheet lines and links and lines. I taught myself how to play the jurassic park theme on my ukulele. I sounded it out on my own while I was very drunk. I’m kinda proud of myself, I’ve never actually tried to sound something out like that before and it was surprisingly easy.


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