Yes Master(‘s degrees are cool)

I really want to go back to school and get my MFA. I could probably be a TA and teach low level English classes to help with some of the cost. I meet all the qualifications and I could write the letter of intent thing no problem. The only thing I’m concerned about is the three fucking letters of recommendation I would need. I graduated four fucking years ago. I highly doubt any of the (like… two?) Professors I formed any sort of tenuous relationship with would even remember me. So… fuck. Way to screw yourself over by being a wicked huge introvert. I honestly have no idea what I would do about that shit. Where I would even start. But I really want to go. Now that I’ve been reading more about the program I really want to go. I miss school and learning and actually improving my writing instead of just writing meaningless bullshit for money. I dunno. I want it.


3 thoughts on “Yes Master(‘s degrees are cool)

  1. Warren Rainer says:

    You can do it. You are amazing at research, I’m sure you can find a program that helps with things like this. You have so much skill and talent.

  2. mrandisg says:

    Go for it! The world needs more English teachers! 🙂

  3. lucifare says:

    I think that if that is your dream, then go for it. I know you’re a good writer, and a hard worker and you can do it. What are you thinking you want to do?

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