You know what’s fun?

Hey, hey, you know what’s fun? You know what’s super fucking fun? I’ll tell you what’s fun! I’ll tell you what’s just super fucking fun! You just sit back and relax and I’ll tell you what’s great great fun! What’s suuuper wicked fun is making only $8,964 for a full year doing freelance work, and having to pay $1,261 in self employment tax!!! That’s just fucking great!!! So fun! Hell yeah! So freaking awesome!! I love it!!! Being an adult is suuuuper fun!! The most fun ever!!! 10/10 highly recommend!!ii!!ii!!ii!!ii!! But seriously, I feel incredibly relieved to have it done, and incredibly fortunate to have a family that will help me stay out of tax jail. Even so, this was fucking brutal and seems like a hugely unfair amount of my meager income. it serves to further illustrate the point that I really fucking need to do something more/different with my life, and I think grad school is the right decision for me.


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