Monday Madness Manic Playlist

I’m not even numbering this shit because I don’t feel like it. It is what it is. It stands alone, like a lone wolf on a lonely mountain. I just felt like making it, so I did. No reasons, no ulterior motives. Just songs, sounds. Listen to them, or don’t. It’s for me and a little bit for you.

Dragonette – Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut Mix) A catchy gym jam

Modest Mouse – Lampshades on Fire The new modest mouse album is tripping me out, some of the songs hardly sound like them. This one does tho. 

Fall Out Boy – Uma Thurman Why do I like this? Top scientists are working ’round the clock to find the answer.

Odesza – It’s only (feat. Zyra) rad sad sweet beats

Modest Mouse – Sugar Boats Jazzed up, but I can hear the modest and the mouse.


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