First post from my new phone. It’s taking some getting used to but I think I like it?? Time will tell. I tried to go to the gym today and it was a mini monstrosity. I go to sign in and the dude stops me and tells me my payment from October didn’t go through. My parents pay that shit for me (because I’m lucky and spoiled and they love me) so I didn’t know what to say when he asked me all kinds of questions about it. He let me go for today but said I had to fix it before next time. The encounter was awkward and embarrassing and put me off my shit… But I was already there so I was gonna work out. Then I reached in my pocket and realized I had left my phone (aka my source of music) in the car. I couldn’t stand the awkwardness of having to walk out and back in past that dude and explain it to him… So I stuck my headphones in my ears attached to nothing and did a mile on the elliptical, a couple machines, and peaced the fuck out. Sometimes I wonder if I’m secretly trying to sabotage myself by pulling shit like that.  I don’t know. Whatever. After that my brother came over and we hung out and talked about stuff and watched cartoons, and that was pretty nice. I need to apply for more shit tomorrow. I’m starting to panic.  I need to start getting shit together for my grad school app. *deep breaths* I need to sleep.


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