Freelance first glance

I’m having such a hard time concentrating on this work. Like seriously I can’t keep my freaking mind on task here. It’s so goddamn boring. Looking at thousands of lines of links and assessing their validity. Incredibly, mind-numbingly boring. So my brain peaces right the fuck out and gets distracted by other stuff instead. I took a break to take a walk with my brother and his dog (technically his girlfriend’s dog but I feel like if a dog lives in your house it’s your dog.) because I was feeling soooo fucking restless and I needed to get out of here for a little minute and get some fresh air. Haha. I still have so much more to do, this is insane. I should *not* be complaining tho, because assuming I finish it all and get paid in a timely manner (*knocks on wood*) it should be exactly enough, at the exact right time to pay my rent. (with $35 left over! wooooo sweeeeet!) And hopefully there will be at least one more batch after this one. (preferably more. *knocks on wood again*) In other news I really need to start getting my shit together for my grad school application. I have just over a month to apply and I have a lot of shit to get together. I’m pretty nervous about it TBH. I’m just very nervous in general about everything!!ii!!ii!!ii!!ii!! much nervous! very anxiety! wow! Thursday is thanksgiving and I’m not looking forward to it really. It’s basically my least fave holiday for lots of different reasons. But, whatever. All I can do is hope it isn’t a big monstrosity. God, I’m so fucking restless still. I want things and stuff and to be doing something creative instead of this mind killing sadness work. Even so, even so. I really need to concentrate. It’ll go a lot faster if I can make myself concentrate. Juuuust focus. Read the lines. Focus.


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