9,000 lines

Of links curated. Only 2,531 left to go. (1,000 before I can sleep. the rest tomorrow.) It’s been so much and felt so… Thick. Fucking digging through them with a dull toothpick. I’m low low low on sleep, and hoping for 4 hours tonight, if I’m lucky. Shiver from anxiety and too much coffee and cold? My body decided to reject the meal I fed it… So okay. I’ll just chew some gum and try to forget that sensation. At least my snake ate successfully. It’s amazing how just sitting here doing this can hurt my body so much, but it does. each position I sit in is comfortable for less and less time. So I make it a game, a fun fun game. You can move after you finish 100 lines, not before. (but my arms are falling asleep!) well then, you better fucking hurry right? Sometimes I adjust my position without thinking if my concentration slips, and then I’m like… damn, I lost. {Sooooo it’s like… mental self-bondage?} heh yeah I guess, whatever. Don’t try to fucking analyze me so much man, just let me do weird shit in peace.  I can feel my perception slipping toward irrationality, seeing shit out of the corners of my eyes and my thinking just feels weird, off. I want to take a crying cruise around the neighborhood, or the city, or the state maybe. A weeping walk, a sobbing stroll.  come now darling, come on. Only 500 more before you can sleep. Just a stone’s splash compared to what you’ve done so far. 500 more and you can sleep. 400 now. There you are my dear, my delicate flower. Just keep going. There you go precious dove, just 300 more. You’re so close you gentle disaster you. Yes! 200! Please, keep going. Please, do it quickly my radiant moonbeam. I am so tired. There we are you cinnamon dusted cappuccino, only 100 left. Home stretch and all that. Don’t stop dear heart. Yes. Yes. You’ve done it. you’ve finally done it. Please try to sleep now


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