Turkey Thursday

Yeah. Survived thanksgiving. There were no big monstrosities. Tbh I was flying like a goddamn kite the whole time, thanks to 1/6th of a legally obtained chocolate bar a friend gifted us. It was cool for a while but then I started getting way too introspective and hating on myself… Which is what always happens and I should know better but w/e. I spent a good chunk of the evening trying to help my mom’s friend with her new smartphone, that her daughter basically dumped on her with no instructions. It looked like it needed a fucking exorcism I was horrified with all the notifications and auto updating shit and a smattering of random apps everywhere. Also I didn’t recognize what kind of phone it was but it felt like a cheap piece of shit. Anyway what I really needed was her to just leave me alone with it for an hour or two so I could set it up for her… But she was like paranoid about it so I did what I could to help her but didn’t get to exorcise it’s demons… And I’m still mildly haunted by what a fucking mess it was.
In other news I still haven’t heard from my client in regards to getting paid for that batch of work… And possibly… Hopefully… Please getting another batch to do… So I’m getting all fucking paranoid about that shit, like what if I fucked it up so bad they aren’t gonna pay me? What if they’ll never give me another batch? Fuck man, I’m just messing myself up about it and I hope she was just taking the holiday weekend off and she gets back with me soon. In the mean time I’m trying my best to not freak myself out… But I’m not great at it. I really need that money asap. *insert fearful squeaking noises here* sooooooooo yeah. Yeah. Ton of stuff I want/need to do tomorrow, and I would like to pick up my library book if at all possible. We’ll see. I’ll do my best. Need to get started with my grad school app. *fearful noises again*


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