pointless rambling words and stuff.

I’m so fucking tired. Like just wicked tired. My eyes are heavy and drowsy and arggghhhhh yeah. whatever. I need to take some snake pictures for a thing I’m doing! I want to set up some sort of little area with good lighting but whatever, I’ll just do my best and it’ll be what it’ll be. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Meanwhile, I have a lot of work to do and I’m doing it really slowly and having a hard time concentrating because it’s so fucking boring like really I can’t believe how damn boring it is to look at this shit for hours at a time. But whatever. I have to do it for money reasons, and that’s okay. I should get back to it right now in fact. I definitely should. Dang, this hazelnut candle smells good and nice and warm. My eyes are ouch. I already said that but it’s true. I’m so fucking fast at typing. I wish I could just type stuff and make money doing that. Well… I do do that sometimes I guess. Haha I’m bad at thinking right now. But it feels good to put my fingers in all the right places and make the words happen without thinking about where the fingers are going. I wish I was as good at playing instruments as I am at typing. I wish it was as instinctive and easy and thoughtless of a process… but it’s not. Because I don’t practice enough and I type all the damn time. I should practice more. It would be fulfilling to do so. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m so stressed out about everything and life and shit that’s not even technically *my* stress but it still kinda is and it’s all getting to me and I’m just tired. SO fucking tired but I need to finish everything still. Lots of stuff to do and see and think and breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe yeah. Good call. Will do. Where’s the big black table? Is it upstairs? do we even still have it? Why can’t I picture where it is? Is it in the closet or something? Did we get rid of it? IDK. I should make sure the bedroom is really warm before I try to take those pictures. I kinda wanna do it tonight, but I dunno. it’s guna be sort of involved and I’m already so tired and I should really be working. Ugh. This is lame. THis thing I’m writing is lame and it’s so long and I just keep writing stuff but I don’t really have anything I’m saying. I need to take a shower. It’s nice to be back in my apartment. I can sleep in my own bed tonight, which is cool. I wish my money would come in just a couple days sooner… but noooo… it’s gotta take 5 full days to process for some fucking reason, which means it’s not going to be quite on time to pay my rent… so I get to decide if I want to pay it late and pay a $20 fee… or ask my mom to write a check for me and then pay her back a couple days later. Neither of these options are options that I enjoy. In fact, they both suck rather heartily. *shrugs for a thousand years* whatever. I’ll figure that out later. Like this weekend. I just gotta get the check in the box by Sunday night I guess… so yeah. Okay, I’m guna go try and do more work now, even though I’d rather keep typing stuff for no raisin.


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