never ending story

I feel like i’m losing my fucking mind. 1,000 more lines before I can sleep. I feel sick with anxiety and it feels unraveled inside of me. gentle quick typing, barely lift the fingers but get the words out just fine. My dreams have been stress laced and strange. Dang, I hope I eventually get to sleep. I officially have a ticket to see Atreyu next week. (assuming nothing catastrophic happens between now and then. I’m really fucking paranoid okay? *knocks on wood*) Paying homage to my emo teenage self. Planning on going solo, which actually sounds nice and fun. No need to worry if anyone else is having a good time or whatever. Just me and me and me. I wonder if I still have a ratty old pair of skater shoes around here somewhere, to complete the emo kid ensemble I’m planning on rocking. Anyway, those are thoughts for a long time from now. For now I need to turn my thoughts to lines and links and getting my fucking work done. Have I mentioned I feel like I’m losing my fucking mind?? Because I really do. I feel so fucking freaked out about everything… and like… just a couple inches away from fucking panic. I’m trying to BREATHE and take shit easy, but it’s mad hard kid. It’s mad hard son. Please, just let me get through this work and at least get a few hours sleep. **insert general fear and agony here**


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