I feel fucking WEIRD… and JACKED! WEIRD AND JACKED! WEIRD AND JACKED! I should really be fucking working but I’m only like 80% sure I’m doing it even remotely right and I’m sorta waiting for more info but at the same time ima keep doing it I guess. Whatever. I chewed some EnErGy GuM and it was spearmint flavor and it tasted pretty awesome actually and definitely 100% contained caffeiine. It definitely did. It definitely did. I paid rent today and also my credit card bill and now I have exactly $1.27 in my bank account. Hell yeah! One dollar! Hell yeah! 27 cents! I’m guna get paid again on the 13th, so that’s cool. Mostly I’m just glad that I fucking managed to pay my rent myself. I was really afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to pull it off… but then I DID pull it off! I need to get a new snake lightbulb which is kinda annoying… and I could possibly get it tonight if I went to petsmart before 10pm but I dunno if that’s a good idea or not, I’ll talk to the S.O when he freakin’ wakes up from the wicked long nap he’s napping that I should maybe wake him up from but like I hate doing that so I’m pr0obably not going to at least not for a while. I kinda wanna straighten my hair, haven’t done that in forever and it sounds kinda fun but that’s also something that takes TIME and I don’t have a lot of TIME really to waste, even though I’m wasting some right now. You know what’s weird and hard? Lots of stuff, that’s what. This new assignment thing is supposed to last 3-6 weeks which could be good money wise but I feel like it’s bad -getting my shit together for a grad school application- wise. Also going to the gym regularly wise which I really need to fucking do. -heavy sighs- But for realsies tho, I really need to start working and get through as much of this stuff as I possibly can tonight. I should wear my new boots around and break them in. I can’t believe tomorrow is already the 10th, Jesus christ I only have like 20 days left to apply I’m starting to freak out I need to DO THE THINGS. ALL OF THE THINGS. SO MANY THINGS!!


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