Face eyes heavy arms spaghetti

I feel h-h-h-heartbroken for no real reason at all. Just entombed in a sadness sarcophagus. Not sleeping isn’t helping. I don’t even know when the last time I got 8 hours of sleep was but it wasn’t recently. Finished my work, no idea if it was even acceptable. I already have a new batch due Tuesday and I’m just sick to death of doing this boring bullshit. I should do some tonight so I can have a single full day off, but after spending like 7 hours straight doing that shit today I can’t bring myself to do more. I took a batch only half the size of the last one. It really isn’t worth the money time wise, but it’s the only thing I have cooking right now and I need the money. I’m real tired. Things might feel better after some sleep. I’m in the mood to be alone right now, and I wouldn’t make good company anyway. Maybe going into Rio tomorrow, we’ll see. My eyes can barely focus, so maybe I should give up on this and go lay down. Read or something or watch some random YouTube shit. My feelings are my own and I can’t even feel them right.


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