A day in the life

It is 10am and I wake to the sounds of people stomping around on the roof. “What the fuck?” I ask, semi-rhetorically. We soon discover It is the maintenance people trimming the tree that hangs over our apartment. I can hear them arguing about how best to go about it. I lay there listening to their stomping and the thud of fallen branches, imagining one falling through the roof and crushing me, or busting through the window and impaling me. The sounds continue for hours and I do not fall back to sleep.
“People don’t realize that we have to do all of this twice” my little brother says, referring to the fact that we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, and have to acquire presents for both. We are riding around in his big truck, fighting traffic and discussing gift ideas. We end up in a tiny but bustling local tea shop, buying some loose teas for our mom. They have a huge selection and we choose a few that sound good. The shop smells delicious, and as we browse my brother falls in love with a tiny little bear-shaped jar of local honey. “I’ll buy it for you.” I tell him. “It’s only $3.” It is so small and gentle and sweet,  and I want my strong, bearded, grown ass man of a brother to have it. He smiles and accepts, saying he wants to give it to his girlfriend, but since they live together it will secretly be for him as well. He takes his time and looks at all of them, studying their little bear faces and comparing the colors of the tiny silk roses attached to each label before picking the exact one he wants. I pay and we head out, both agreeing that we’d like to visit the shop again sometime.


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