Christmas early

Christmas eve, technically Christmas morning, sleeping on my childhood bed. It’s strange but not strange. I never sleep well here, but I really need to try to catch a few hours of   the zzzzs. It’s been a nice day, sweet and nostalgic. I want to finish that stupid coloring page I started, but it will take forever and I have some actual work to do. I should close my eyes, laying here listening to the snores of my boyfriend who “won’t ever be able to fall asleep”. I would love to be able to just live this day and not stress myself into the ground, but we’ll see how that goes. We’ll see how everything goes. I think it’s hilarious that a house full of adults still follows our kid style traditions. There’s a plate of cookies n milk out in the living room for Santa, I even wrote him a note. About an hour ago I snuck out into the living room and filled my parents stocking with a variety of weird toys and candy that my brother and I picked out. In a couple more hours my mom will sneak out and fill ours. It’s our thing. It’s pretty dang cute. I’m gonna try to sleep now, okay?


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