Complaining and blood draining

Hey, you know when’s an awesome time to start your period?? During a snow storm that’s supposed to last at least two days and make it super hard to drive anywhere! It’s especially great if you only have two tampons left because you forgot to buy more because you suck at life!! Awesome!! So cool! Plus, of course, it’s also right before the *actual date night* my boyfriend and I were planning to have. Like an actual date night, for the first time in a long ass time. A night I was really looking forward to but now idk. Ugh. I fucking love the snow and I hate that I now have to hope it clears up enough for me to go to the fucking store and buy fucking tampons. Ugh. I should start using one of those fucking moon cup things. Anyone ever try those? Are they hard to insert? Do they feel weird? Like can you feel it up there?


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