I don’t even know man. I don’t even fucking know. Like fuck man. I’ve only got so much positivity and it’s not a lot. It’s not enough to survive such heavy onslaughts . Just try to be helpful but like… Yeah. It’s fucking rough. Not so easy to shake off. Try to lend strength by example, feel my inner fire glow. I don’t even know what I’m saying. Sick of reading sappy bullshit stories. Sick of seeing gross shit on my dash all the time. Feel like I should be bleeding but I’m not. Not yet anyway. I really need some work now okay? You guys just keep saying it’s delayed? I could really use some work now ok? At least I worked on myself today. Some sore abs and arms and good, yes, hurt, yes. It’s not so bad I guess. I’ll do what I can to make the weekend as nice and restful as possible. Dare I say enjoyable? I’ll do what I can. I’ll do whatever I can. It might not be enough but I’ll do what I can.


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