rambling about snake stuff

so i’m writing this on the smallest freaking keyboard in the history of typing things. Well, not really… but it’s mad small. The tiny keyboard for the 7 inch tablet that I got for my S.O for his birthday. still, it’s pretty legit… except that you have to do fn L to get an apostrophe, but after you do it a few times you kinda get used to it. So… okay. I’m gunna set up the tiny snake in his new enclosure today, which should be cool. He has definitely outgrown his little hatchling tub, so hopefully he will like the new setup. Also, I bought a set of 10 picture pendant necklace making kit things, and I am going to use them to make snake shed pendants. They are going to look wicked cool. I can do different colors for the background or just neutral style, we’ll see. Either way it should be pretty cool, I can do belly scales or top scales or head scales even, just depending on what looks cool. I’m pretty excited. If you guys want one hit me up. I’ll be selling ’em pretty reasonable price style. Okay, time for me to peace out and do some stuff and things and whatever. I feel horrible like wicked bad style in my body…. but whatever. peace.


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