Not draft?

I’ve got so many drafts on this thing. Some completely blank, some with a few sentences, some a few paragraphs that I straight decided I didn’t want to say. Idk what I’m saying now really, so there’s a good chance this will end up in that pile. Yeah. I’m already not feeling it. I go through phases like that. I’m fickle and empty. Seriously my emotions are mostly on mute and it’s apparently easier for the bad ones to get through.  I’m the duchess of nothingham manner, the lady of voidington lake. But I’m mostly okay, I think. -shrugs off into the sunset- I’m bad at expressing negative emotions, so occasionally I fucking lose my shit and go full on hysterical mode, sobbing and laughing simultaneously, uncontrollably. It’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t feel like talking anymore.


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