mice elf

I feel a little weak, but in control. I stretch my body out and feel sore muscles (yes, good) and a few little tender spots that might be bruises on someone else. (Yes, good). I breathe, and listen to music, and feel quite a bit like myself. I really hope I get into this grad program, and get a teaching assistantship along with it. I imagine myself teaching an English 101 class filled with a bunch of college freshman. I would be good at it, I would make it less miserable. I should probably be spending more time thinking about a plan B for if I don’t get in… But I haven’t been. I’ll burn that bridge if I get to it I suppose. (But isn’t it supposed to be cross that bridge? Naw. If I end up at that bridge I’m gonna be pissed, and I’ll want to burn it down.) Aaaaanywhovillepenis… What was I talking about? I don’t care. I’m getting Slightly tired. I’m going to go.


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