existentialism on a work night

Hahaha haha you guys, you guys,  I’m seriously delirious from being so tired. It’s pretty funny for reals. Like everything is funny to me right now but it’s not really funny at all but it kinda is. hahahahahahahahah I have so much fucking work to do and my brain is all BzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzz PsSShhhhhSSSHhhhhhsssSHHssshhhh and I’m all eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Writing stuff is cool, except for when you have to write a bunch of product descriptions, basically making products that you hate and think are super uncool sound good and appealing. That’s what I mean when I say I feel like I’m using my writing for evil. Furthering capitalist agendas, creating more demand for shit made under unethical working conditions in foreign countries. Did some kid in Taiwan have to make more pairs of headphones because I wrote a really good description for those headphones and more people wanted to buy them?  It fucks me up to think about it. It makes my soul feel dirty but at the same time like…. here’s little me in my house, (and by house I mean shitty old one bedroom apartment that’s basically falling apart) and I gotta pay to live in this hollow space between walls, I gotta do something and my marketable skills are minimal. Here’s what I can do. I can write anything you need, any length about any topic. “it’s cool because you sound like an expert on everything you write about, but you only researched it for like 10 seconds”  And someone wants to pay me to do that. And I have to live in a capitalistic world, just like headphone making kid goes. But the unbelievably unlikely string of incidents that lead to us both being born were different. And she’s putting in an 18 hour day gluing ear pads made of pressure-relieving urethane foam over  headphone speakers… while I sit hunched over this laptop explaining how this unique design makes these specific headphones ideal for extended wear.


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