legos are for everyone yo.

So here we are again, same position I was in last night except secretly actually a little worse because I have more to do and less time. I can’t not procrastinate if I don’t have an immediate looming deadline. … but it’s looming pretty hard right now. I’m going to be awake forever. Like seriously we’re talking all freaking night…. hopefully 4 hours of sleep before immediately more work. Oh well. oh well. I’ll do what I gotta do. It’ll be over after tomorrow and I don’t know what I’ll do then. I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know. But like… those are problems for later style me, I suppose. Right now me has only one problem to deal with, and that’s finishing this work. I took a rowing machine break that ended up taking forever and now I’m here lol. -shrugs forever, off into the sunset- Okay… I gotta kick it into gear. Gunna fuckin’ hyper power through these fucking things. Like blow through them like that one episode of mythbusters where they put that ramming thing on their huge truck and plowed through a huge row of cars. Yeah, that’s gunna be me… except … I’m the truck and the cars are product descriptions. A bunch of them have been for toys and it keeps trying to get me to confirm if the toy is for a boy or a girl, but I wrote that every single one was unisex. FIGHT ME.


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