Should be tired. Maybe I am? I drank a lot of water and I keep having to pee so that’s not helping. I feel like I got less than 8 hours sleep for so many nights in a row that my body is just like… This is normal now. And even today when I could have slept in I couldn’t sleep. Oh shit, I wonder if my direct deposit came in. Ima check… Hold on…Oh wait… I just remembered that I can’t because I just got a new debit card and I don’t remember what the last 4 digits are and I’m totes not going downstairs to check it. My snake didn’t eat today which makes me paranoid about her. But I’ll try again in a few days. Gotta hit the rodent store. Gotta pay my cc bill. Gross. Ok I did it. So many fucking bills it’s super overwhelming. Like really just the worst. Whatever. Moving on. I’m getting tired now..I should work on some of my personal projects tomorrow. Plus I gotta row. Ugh I fucking hate it while it’s happening but I feel so much better about myself and just life afterwards. Yeah. Hope tomorrow will be nice. Spring break yo. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Bye.


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