I push myself, and I really need to do it and it’s really annoying.

My hair is starting to get pretty long again, it feels good brushing against my shoulders. The unspoken problems with me cast aside. I’m about to row but I basically hate doing it and it’s really annoying…And time passes so agonizingly slowly while I’m doing it…  So I’m kinda psyching myself up / procrastinating. It’s a totally rad cardio/ full body workout, and I really need to do it. I always feel better afterward… But ugh. It’s such a pain while it’s happening. Concert on Friday. I really hope she does do a signing/meet and greet thing after. I’m gonna be pretty bummed if she doesn’t tbh. But like… We’ll see. Going with my little bro, it’s in Santa fe so we’re probably gonna spend most of the day there. -shrugs eternally into the sunset- it’s stressing me out a bit to think about it so I’m not going to any more right now. I need to row… While I still got some energy from my breakfast/only meal left in my body. Yeah. Cool. Cool. Yeah. I should do it. Yeah. I need doorstops or something. Yeah. Okay. Let’s freaking do it. Yeah. Ugh. I mean… Yeah! Totally psyched! Making puddles! Here we go!


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