it’s a well sprung bed

Just doing my thing man. Just need to do my fucking thing. I started a brand new project with a brand new client on a brand new platform today. Writing articles about wedding venues. You guys know how much I fucking love weddings and definitely care about that subject definitely totally care about it a lot. But the pay is fairly decent, and if the work is actually consistent it could potentially be pretty great. But that’s the clincher… if the work is consistent. (and if they actually pay me) I’ve been in the freelance game long enough to know that consistent work is wicked hard to come by. Soooooo… we’ll see I guess. For now all I can do is write stuff, and see if anything from my other client comes up, and hope that maybe just maybe I can find a way to pay my rent. And also try not to freak the fuck out waiting to find out about grad school. So much shit can drag me down so easily… but I can’t let it happen. I can’t let it get me and I can’t let it take me down. I just can’t. I have to be strong, and say fuck it, and stay positive man. I can’t keep letting myself get this fucking down and doing nothing. I need to do things. I need to go and do and be, and work when I gotta work. Maybe I should start working in places with free wi-fi… instead of just sitting on my couch all hunched over. We’ll see I guess. Gotta keep working, keep everything up, not give up and not let my progress slip away. Grow it. Grow it and shrink and not shirk and breathe and drink water and not drink alcohol and write. Think of things and take time in the palm of my hands and squeeze its neck until it stops passing so flighty fast.



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