wedding hells

Sooooooooooooo…. hello! This week I’ve been working for a new client on a new project on a new platform. Basically I’m writing ~500 word reviews/descriptions of wedding venues. I’ve written 17 of them since Tuesday. That’s a lot of wedding venue reviews… but I’m going to try and hit 30. That would be enough money to cover rent and bills, with a tiny bit left over. So that means I need to shoot for writing 8 of them today… but I’ll settle for 7. Also, I fucking hate weddings and wedding culture. Have I mentioned that? So this is like….. I’m just in a perpetual state of being slightly annoyed while I’m writing them. having to use all kinds of flowery wedding related language and just silently apologizing to my jaded little soul self the whole time. (“sorry buddy. sorry you had to say that. sorry you had to think up that sentence with the words “lush bridal bouquet” in it. Sorry you had to say the words “special day” so many times. It’s gonna be a special day when you get paid for these, that’s what.”)  But honestly, I’ve done worse things for less money… so I can’t really complain. I think this project is gonna be over in like … 5 more days? is my estimate? maybe only 4, I dunno. So I’m going to try and suck as much money out of it as I can manage. This client said they are going to have other work after this, which would be rad since I haven’t heard a peep from my main client in like a week… but I don’t trust or count on anything. Nothing is reliable in the freelance world and I’m honestly really sick of the instability of it all. I want a steady, predictable income. -shrugs for 50 years- I still haven’t heard anything about grad school… no news is good news they say? but I just feel all twisted up about it honestly. If I don’t hear anything by the start of April I’m gunna see if I can contact anyone to find out what the deal is. No post on Sundays, so I don’t have to think or worry about it today… which is a little bit nice I think? Last night was pretty chill and fun. I was very drunk and we watched dumb movies and stuff and at one point we were scream singing dumbass emo songs. I dunno. I think it was pretty chill. I keep having dreams that I think are at least mildly kinky? but I don’t actually remember them? I just wake up with that feeling like…. something freaky went down in dreamland. Sooo… that’s something. Could be hormone related, because my **special blood time*** is due to happen any time now. I’m gunna start calling it that. Special Blood Time. Sounds like a ritual sacrifice or something. The ritual sacrifice of my goddamn uterine lining. You’re welcome. Alright, well, I have to go write about a hotel off of Lake Taho with “Stunning panoramic views of the sparkling water”.


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