pep talk

The past few days, it’s been all on and just typing as much as I can type. 27 so far. That’s how many I’ve written, and it’s going to be 30 before I go to sleep. Before I lay my head on my too soft bed it will be 30. What even is anything? What even am I and what even? how can I do anything and stuff? I structure the days around objectives and objects. Fingers on the keyboard, go. Take three or four assignments at once and finish them all before the time slips away. Move your body. 1,000 strokes. You’re getting faster and faster, only 25 minutes this time. But afterward still drenched in sweat and making puddles… breath and heart going going going. so I think it’s still enough for now. May need to up the resistance or the number soon. I structure my day around that goal, and the goal to be mindful of what goes in it. Make it the focus of as much of me as I can stand. It’s the only way. Take as much work as you can while it’s here. It’s fleeting and fast and you never know… so just go. just go. just go. just go.


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