Ha. I feel terrible because of the RED THING. Ha. Wicked bad. I’ve done literally nothing today. No exercise no work no anything. Whatever whatever whatever whatever. What I really want is like a full day with no work… but I feel compelled to keep doing it as long as there is some to do, cuz it’s one of those things. One of those things with things that run out eventually. Anyway, yeah. I’ve got one loaded for right now, so that’s cool I guess. I dunno. I can’t give in to my own weakness. I’m the only one in control of me and I gotta tell myself naw man. Midnight will come and go and you’ll thank me later. Should I spend $50 when I have $50 to spend and get a ticket to warped tour all teenage style? There are a few bands on the lineup that I wouldn’t mind seeing, it might be fun. But idk. Do I wanna do that by myself? It would be an epic all day solo venture.  It might be fun tho. I don’t think anyone in my crew would really wanna go but me. Idk. I need to talk to my brother about the KSD show, it’s in two months. IDK if we’re gunna do a thing or what… and I don’t wanna talk about it anymore on here right now, so I won’t. yeah. Why can’t it just be Friday march 18th forever? Why’s time gotta be playing me like a fiddle? These thoughts and more, we will explore… never probably. bye.


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