metroparks zoo

I just wrote an entire wedding guide thing with my snake daughter chillin’ around my neck, and then slithering up and down my arms and onto my keyboard… I haven’t been handling her as much as I should lately, I dunno why. Just been busy mostly I think. I’ve been letting a lot of shit fall by the wayside and it’s really not cool. I NEED to get my fucking insurance in order. It’s really not cool for me to not have that shit in order. I’m incredibly pissed that I can’t find the paperwork I SPECIFICALLY FUCKING SAVED to do my insurance stuff. Like… I’m wicked pissed about that. What the fuck ever tho. What. The. Fuck. Ever. Too much shit falling by the wayside. Tiny dumb shit. I wanna put that bumper sticker on my car. I wanna hang out with my brother. At least I returned my wildly overdue library book. I’m down to only one non-broken bra again… which fucking sucks. I really didn’t want to have to buy another one for a while… but… I probably should, I guess. Sometimes I randomly think about the house of eternal return and feel a little catch in my chest. Like… not even the concert, just the place and how it made me feel… and damn, I really need to bring everyone there as soon as possible, like really really. I’ve never felt that way about an art exhibit. I don’t feel much about anything it seems like tbh. So when I do it’s wow. Alright, I’m officially up to 60 wedding guides, but I’m going to do two more before I let myself go to sleep. Then I’m going to wake up and immediately start doing more. I gotta hit it hard, and quick (that’s what she said) if I’m gunna have time to meet my goals. Alright, I’m out. Peace.


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