hello darlings… and strangers… and religious blogs who follow me for some reason??? Why do you follow me? Curious about how the other half lives? Trying to “save” me from afar? If it’s the former, cool. If it’s the later, don’t. Anyway… I’m trying to do a writing trial thing for a new project… but I hate doing stuff like that and I don’t know wtf I’m even doing?? like… at all?? But I’m going for it and I guess that’s something, or whatever. Only one dot is left of the ellipses stick ‘n poke I gave myself randomly and semi-self destructively like a month ago. It wasn’t tattoo ink so I’m not surprised it faded to nothing, but I kinda miss it tbh. I might do it again at some point, maybe place it slightly better. yeah. I should probably not spend quite so much time thinking about stabbing myself repeatedly with a needle… but… you know how it is. I want to get real tats, eventually, maybe soon-ish. I think I have a few things I for sure want now… but we’ll see. I change. Still haven’t tried to call anyone about grad school. Still haven’t dealt with my insurance. Maybe I’ll do the call tomorrow, maybe I’ll start figuring out the paperwork tonight. I would love to not have to go in to the human services place and wait forever and fill out 12 fucking personal income forms… but I will if I have to. yeah. *yawn and stretch* okay, okay, okay. I should suck it up and go write these stupid things. Worst that can happen is they don’t hire me for the project. And like… oh well. I’ve done harder things for higher odds. (like applying for grad school … apparently…. hahaha. haha. ha. ha. h) SO yeah. I’m starting to feel some types of ways about the KSD show that’s in ~1.5 months. We’re doing a live performance in front of like… 150 people??? apparently??? I need to talk to THE BROTHER about it, maybe tonight. It’s not like we’re the only ones performing tho. It’s gunna be like…. a literal circus and a bunch of dancers and man, it’s gunna be really cool I hope. A little bit sad probably because our music is a little bit sad and holy shit is this even actually happening? Like what the actual fuck? We’re gunna give away CDs and buttons (and accept donations obviously!!) and… yeah. I can’t think about it anymore right now I’m tripping myself all out all over all out. yeah. for reals. Okay, I’m gone. bye.


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