Cat eyes

I find weird shit inspirational. Why did I just watch like 8 YouTube vids by this spoiled well off southern California lesbian couple? Why did that enthrall me for a minute there? So yeah. I know more about our live show now. We’re gunna start practicing this week. My involvement isn’t too scary. My brother and I talked about a lot of stuff today. About life and anxiety and how we both have a lot of anxiety and it keeps us awake. (Exhibit A: me right now) we talked about a lot of stuff that’s personal sibling biz and not for me to share here. But yeah. I think I’m basically gunna let his girlfriend dress me for the show. Like she’s the mastermind behind it all really. It’s her theme. Our music. She’s gonna dress us to fit the theme. So yeah we’ll see how that goes. I wonder if Carrie n Kyle would wanna come / be able to come. I would like to have some friends there… But we’ll see. I’m done thinking about it for now. It’s 3am and I should most definitely try to sleep. Get to sleep. I feel like I have a sneeze stuck in my face tho. That’s pretty annoying. Whatever. It’s ok. Whatever. I need to stick to my guns and goals tomorrow. Yeah.


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