Screaming and darting

Feeling stressed about just about everything. Hard day’s night and all that. Wish my brain would let me chill. Let me sleep. The nights are always worse for some reason, and yet I love them. I want to tattoo some bananas and eventually myself. It’s my new hobby or something. I am a fool perhaps but it is my choice. I need stencil making paper tho… And better ink. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I feel weird and lost but hey I got to fondle my s.o for like an hour earlier so that was pretty cool. Our apartment currently has no hot water, so I took a super freezing very terrible post gym shower. There was a lot of screaming involved, and shivering, and darting in and out of the water at lightning speeds. I wouldn’t recommend it… But hey, I’m clean. Hopefully the water will be fixed by tomorrow. I forgot what else I was gonna say, so I guess this is farewell.


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