Guess who’s back? Since all the work I’m doing requires bulleted lists, I’m going to utilize one for this entry.

Some things:

  • Four hour sleep is not enough sleep hours it’s really not
  • They are hellla behind on editing and I’m paranoid I’m not gunna get paid for all my work
  • They better fucking hurry up and edit my stuff yo
  • It’s time for more writing
  • I feel sick and have a headache and am very tired
  • Here we go, here we go, here we go go go go go go go
  • I’ve got 4 hours ’till I have to head to my parents house for Jew activities
  • I think my brother and I will carpool
  • It feels like the right thing to do since it’s earth day
  • Coffee tiiiiiiime
  • My working method sure involves a lot of twitching and fidgeting around and air drumming and chewing on pens
  • 95 done, that’s cool
  • Almost all music sounds good to me  and makes me feel feels when I’m exhausted
  • Holy shit, I’m at 100. 100 fucking product descriptions since wednesday
  • One of the products in the queue was “donald trump men’s ties” and I refused to write that one
  • ima take a tiny break and eat a hot pocket now cuz I’m starting to shake
  • It’s actually a lean pocket with cheese and spinach and it’s legit
  • Oh just kidding, it’s actually kinda gross
  • 105, and our departure has been delayed ’till 6 so I’m shooting for 120
  • my brain is so tired of doing this hahaha haha ha ha h
  • ** general foot jiggling and twitching**
  • 110 biiiitches!! OOOOooooooohhhhhhhHHhhhhhhh!!!
  • gum is cool but I bit my cheek like 4 times
  • I burned my leg with my laptop slightly apparently
  • WTF am I going to wear to passover all my clothes are dirty I’ve been going commando all day
  • 115. I’m taking it down. down town. 5 more, gotta do it. okay. let’s go
  • Coffee hell yeah more coffee time now
  • eew gross I forgot to spit out my gum before I drank that coffee eew bad combo
  • BAM! DONE! 120 hell yeah! I gotta freaking get ready and leave now!!!
  • AAAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaAAaaAAAAaaAAAaAaAaaaaaaAaAa

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