shambling disaster shack

Today is a different day. They finally turned our air conditioner on, but we have to leave the house for a couple hours before activating it because it blows TONS of dust and dirt around when you first turn it on. We’ll turn it on in a couple hours when we go to the gym. So that’s cool I guess, cool in the way that it’s been roasting as fuck in our apartment so it’ll be nice to have some AC. Less cool in the way that my electricity bill for the past few months has been literally $30, and it’s gunna shoot up to like $100 when we start using the AC. yeah. yeah. up. yeah. stuff. yeah. things. yeah. words. yeah. deeds, yeah. How am I doing today? that’s one of the great mysteries of life, that is. I need money and I need work and I need motivation to be doing all the things. yeah. Instead it sounds pretty rad to sleep for like 18 hours straight?? maybe?? or so?? Sunday is mother’s day, which is a thing. It’s like a week after my mom’s birthday so that’s kinda weird and funny. My brother and I traditionally just get her some plants or flowers (last year we got her a tree, which is doing really well and looks pretty awesome) and then we help her do yard work all day basically. It’s not so bad. It’s even kinda fun usually. Right now I need to call them and ask for $85 because I suck at being an adult and having enough money to pay all of my bills myself. haha. nice. My little brother is better at it than me, which is really annoying. Although, to be fair, he lucked into his (chill, well paying) job just by knowing the guy who owns the business. He’s literally never had to work a shitty, thankless job his entire life (well actually he was a bellhop for literally one week one time and then he immediately quit) I dunno what I’m getting at with this really. I’m happy for him and he seems genuinely content most of the time and that’s super rad… but I guess I’m jealous of that stability and of  his having a cool job that he doesn’t hate. yeah. whatever. boo fucking hoo right? Okay, I’m gunna go change out of the bizarre, dangling monstrosity of a shirt I’ve been wearing all day, into something suitable for the outside world, and then I’m going to walk around the apartment complex and make that call. -sighs for a thousand years- yeah. cool. Then I’m gunna come back inside, and eat a snack, and pump myself full of coffee until I feel like a human instead of a shambling disaster shack… and then it’s gym time yo.


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