Hulk diaries

So today, instead of feeling depressed I’m filled with unbridled rage that makes me want to punch everything around me over and over again until it turns into nothing but broken, useless pulp. everything. pulp. I drove around a lot today, paying rent, dealing with issues, getting in some singing practice for the KSD show, screaming at the top of my lungs until my voice felt cracked and raw, singing some more, you know. the usual type of stuff. I was right about tHe ReD tImE, it happened and is happening. I feel fucking awful physically as well as emotionally… yet, I’m still planning on going to the gym. Haha. hahaha. ha. so much fucking rage dudes. I want to rage at everything about everything and it’s AWESOME. Definitely helping that it’s roasting as fuck in here. Definitely. I picked up a super tiny assignment…. two blog entries for $12 each. basically a meaningless amount of work and money, but I took it anyway for a variety of reasons. yeah. okay. yeah. whatever. I’m so fucking done with this right now, I can’t deal with it. God I’m so fucking pissed off about everything fuck everything fuck it. I hate everything. fuck.

******************some hours later ******************

haha, yeah. I was just gunna say that my rage had subsided, and I was feeling more chill, but then the computer started lagging and i was like… nevermind. I still want to turn everything into pulp. lol. yeah. cool. yeah. I finished one of the two blog posts I’m supposed to write before midnight tomorrow, and I’m going to attempt to finish the second one before I go to bed so it can just be done and I can be done. I filled out an interest form for yet another project that currently doesn’t have any work but might in the future… so there’s that. yeah. Even though I feel like a suffering puppet being controlled by the sadness monster, I still succeeded in going to the gym, and I used my fucking unstoppable rage to shatter my all time 2 mile elliptical speed record by 49 seconds. So I guess that was pretty cool. I’m writing an article about bugs right now and it’s making me feel all itchy and gross, so I’ going to hurry up and finish it so I can go to bed. peace.



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