Ragtime gal

Haha I’m so fucking funny, and clever, and good at jokes. I want to eat a chocolate mountain, and then strangle someone with my bare hands and watch the life fade from their eyes. That sounds rad. That sounds skippidy doo. I can’t believe 250 people follow this meaningless nothing blog. I mean… like… good for you guys, you know? Good for you. I hope you’re having fun. The other day (like a week ago I guess?) My brother and I were driving to our parents house for my mom’s birthday and we saw this bumper sticker that said “Mary Kay: Enriching Women’s Lives” and my brother went OFF. he was like “Ha. yeah right. enriching women’s lives. More like making women feel pressured to live up to the arbitrary and totally unrealistic beauty standards set by men. Making them feel like they aren’t good enough and they need to buy a bunch of shit to alter themselves.” and I was like… really surprised. Like  daaaamn bro, that was a really good and true feminist rant you just busted out. So yeah, I was pretty proud of him and I think his girlfriend is a good influence on him. I dunno what else I was going to say. We definitely need to practice more this weekend cuz the KSD show is in like 22 days, which is not very long at all. Also I need to get my friends to buy tickets and go to the show so I can have more moral support… and also so I can not look like a **completely** friendless loser who doesn’t have anyone who would want to support me. yeah. Let’s see… what else? Oh yeah, they turned on our air conditioning, I think I talked about that? but now it just feels like it’s blowing 90% hot air… which is pretty unfortunate. **also** I’m pretty sure they didn’t fully secure one of the panels back on, because it’s really windy today and the wind is creating a very loud, repetitive slamming noise coming from the air conditioner. Sooooo that’s fun. We called maintenance but they probably won’t be able to do anything ’till monday at the earliest so … whatever. this is a thing now I guess. Fun times, in the summer in the city. I feel very bad in my body insides and my soul gut insides. niccccce. Don’t really know how to deal. Like I’m sooooooo restless but too ouch-tacular to actually go out and do anything? Also i have 0 monies and doing things requires many monies. So! I guess I’ll just stay in, and be serenaded by the sounds of howling wind and a  slamming AC panel.


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