Hey, hey, hey. Things are getting bad and scary for me financial wise. So that’s like…. a thing I’m dealing with. All day today I’ve been toying with the idea of going into real estate. Like… becoming a real estate agent. But upon looking into it I found out it would cost something like $1500 and at least a month to get a license. Also it would require a lot more talking to people and networking and self promotion and shit than I’m really actually comfortable with at all. But I dunno. today at least the idea appealed to me. My dad used to be in real estate, when I was a kid. He made… not great money? but way better than I’m doing now. Enough to have a small house and two kids and we weren’t starving or anything. Anyway, I was fantasizing about taking up the same name he had for his real estate company, and then being like … yeah, we’re a family business!  we’ve been around since … IDK when? a couple years before I was born?? Anyway, yeah. It’s just a random idea / pipe dream. I was looking up a bunch of jobs I could possibly do and considering them. I was looking at animal control jobs and thinking that would maybe be pretty okay or at least tolerable and I could try to help some animals out, but then I saw that one of the qualifications was that you had to get certified to do lethal injections and I was like hahahaha hahaha haha no fucking way in hell haha no fucking ha no fucking way. I’d just end up with like 100 dogs and it would not be good. Let’s see… what else? Oh yeah, I saw a bunch of English teaching jobs for community colleges and online colleges and every single one of them requires a masters degree and that’s totally fine and I’m not heartbroken at all and I’m totally cool with it. I’ve seen a couple other things I’m considering applying for, and a couple websites I’m going to check out. Whatever. It’s 2am. I’m going to go pull my snake out of her cage and bug her and see how she’s doing and stuff of that nature.


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