shit socks

So hey, my show is on Saturday… and getting ready for it is currently basically consuming my life. I’m freaked out… but our rehearsal today was basically perfect. We were both on point, so if we can just do it that well on the actual day of the event it will be okay. On Thursday we’re having like… a full rehearsal with all the dancers and the tinkers. I’m pretty nervous about that honestly, but I think it will be good overall. It’ll give us a chance to practice in front of a crowd but a small, friendly crowd of other performers. Even so, I’m nervous. I didn’t feel anything about this show for months. A vague sense of excitement maybe? a whisper of anxiety? But now it’s kinda really starting to freak me out. I’m basically opening up the whole show now… so there’s that. But it’s public speaking, which is way less scary to me than public singing. So yeah. I dunno. Saturday night was a really nice night for me. We did a long rehearsal over the course of a few hours, and after each set we drank more alcohol, and practiced more, laughing and messing around and actually enjoying practicing for the first time since we started getting ready for the show. We found the limit of how much we could drink and still perform really well. We made my brother’s sober girlfriend listen to us over and over again, probably getting annoyed with our drunk selves. We even started vaguely working on some new material, which we haven’t done in a really long time. I was feeling inspired to write some stuff. After three shots I told my brother that I thought six would be the absolute limit and he said “Yeah, shit socks” So we started calling six shots shit socks now and forever. Anyway, eventually he came over to our apartment and we just hung out for a while, which was nice. Overall, I think the whole experience helped us feel a bit more relaxed and a bit more confident about the show. We’re going to practice every day between now and then, and we’re going to go into Rio tomorrow to try and get our costumes sorted, or at least figure out what else we need to get for our costumes. yeah. okay. okay. yeah. ** air guitar sounds**


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