Pain bonnet

Currently sitting here with bleach in my hair, attempting to get some highlights. The S.O is helping me… A.k.a the S.O did the work for me. I used the little cap thing they provide instead of doing foils like I did last time. You know the thing I mean? It looks like a little bonnet and it has a ton of circles and you use a hook to hook little pieces of hair you want highlighted and pull them thru. We call it the pain bonnet because I’ve done one on a couple other people and they were basically in tears the whole time, and/ or made me stop after just a few. (And their hair was way shorter than mine, which means significantly less tugging) I have a high pain tolerance, so I was able to handle it pretty easily, with just a couple short breaks. It was almost nice in fact, meditative. A study in patience and pain. A solid two hours of hair tugs and pulls, and a hook stabbing and scraping against the scalp. It put me into an interesting mindset. I feel… Strangely calm. Hopefully it turns out well. I’ll rinse it out pretty soon, but won’t know what it really looks like till it dries… Which will probably be tomorrow because it’s already so late.


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