Practice makes

So I spent a large portion of today at a full rehearsal for our show on Saturday. It went pretty well, I think the show is going to be awesome. But the rehearsal was physically and emotionally exhausting. Lemme tell ya, If you ever want to feel bad about your body, if you ever want to really really really fall deep into your body issues, spend four hours in a mirrored room with a dozen beautiful dancers. That’ll do it. That will do it. That. will. fucking. do it. Boy howdy, golly gee, it certainly will.

Sadie’s advice about preforming is let yourself be your character, and then it’s not you doing that stuff, it’s whoever your character is. I find that strangely comforting in a way? Mine and my brother’s characters are random circus hands. (or as we have been referring to it, circus poverty hobos) So for my character, none of this shit would be weird or scary at all. It would be old hat. Old hat like the old style hat I’m going to be wearing with my costume. Oh shit, I need to ask Sadie what I should do with my hair. I need to figure that out and also I should probably practice the introduction thing that I’m saying to open the whole fucking show. At the rehearsal today I talked to Santiago, the guy who is acting as the ring master basically, and we decided that the script Sadie wrote needed more detail so people knew what the hell was happening in the show. So I basically am just going to write my own lines for that part, and it should be fine. yeah. Okay, I need to go now because it’s snake feeding night and I need to feed some snakes. haha. yeah. okay. bye.


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