Yesterday was fun and good and I took a break from doing any work basically. I went to Rio to see my parents and my brother met me there and we were all there just hanging out and stuff. My parents have been saying that they keep seeing a ton of people out playing pokemon GO on their nightly walks through the park. I told them I had it (and that I’d only played it for about 5 minutes) and they were like… sooo excited and curious to see what it was like, so when it was cool enough we all went up to the park and I caught a bunch of pokemon and there was a lure there and they were so freakin’ amused, it was hilarious. I let them all hold my phone and try and catch stuff and then my dad wanted to drive around the neighborhood all slow and see if there were more and of course there were. I kept telling him to stop the car and catching stuff and at one point I had to jump out of the car and run back to get a Ponyta, and my mom came with me and everyone was so amused and it was hilarious. Like… I dunno. I just think it’s so nice. It’s something with a  fun and positive intention that a ton of people are doing and it’s bringing people together and that just ???? makes my jaded little heart feel good… I dunno. Anyway, that was the most I ever **actually** played it. I’m not even level 5 yet. But then I came home, and drank wine instead of doing any work, and I was having cramps and everything sucked… and then at like 2am I looked at my S.O and was like “let’s go on a pokewalk” and they were like “okay!” so we did, we went to like 4 different pokestops and caught some shit and **ran** around all drunk and stupid and it was beautiful and good and fun, and that’s what I wrote that last tiny poem about… literal running that happened because I was playing a dumbass game. But for reals? haha, I can run so much easier and faster and farther than I used to be able to. I haven’t tried it in a while and it’s …….. really nice. REALLY NICE. I want more. I hella need to go do my work now tho, okay? yeah. yeah. okay. Peace.


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