Taos was beautiful and nice. It was just nice to be out of the city, somewhere quiet and chill and a little bit isolated. I love driving through the little town. I love the general vibe it all has. Honestly I would have been happy to stay for like a week. We went swimming both nights we were there, late at night after the pool was “closed”. A combination of messing around and making up weird games with each other and actually trying to get some exercise in. The outside air was so cold, I felt foolish and lighthearted and alive as we made our way down to the pool in our swimwear. All goosebumps and “oh man, this is probably a bad idea” before throwing myself in before I could even hesitate. And it wasn’t bad at all. A rush a shock and then not bad at all. The stars and moon, bats swooping low overhead to grab a drink or a bug I suppose. Kick boards and noodles and us. “I’m going to get in the hot tub for a minute, and then jump back in the pool and it’ll be freezing” I said. “Okay, go for it, because you enjoy suffering.” I laughed, and submerged myself in the hot water. As I jumped back into the pool I yelled “I LOVE SUFFERING!” but it’s not suffering really, it’s sensation. I enjoy experiencing a wide variety of sensations. A variety so wide it includes things like the breath stealing shock of cold water. Both nights after swimming we made our way back to the small, lushly appointed sanctuary of the condo. We sat at the little bar and ate and talked and drank alcohol while watching stupid stuff on TV. There wasn’t really any internet connection, so we just watched cable, and the olympics. I got my S.O into watching the olympics with me this time around, so that was pretty fun. Sitting at that bar, eating dolmas and sandwiches respectively, middling drunk, getting really really invested in the women’s beach volleyball game. (USA lost, but then won the bronze metal match. It was very dramatic.) The first day we ate at a lovely local Mexican restaurant (Orlando’s) and then went shopping, and that was basically it until swimming. The second day we were there, before swimming and night happened, we just walked around the plaza, and the park, and the graveyard. I took over the only pokemon gym in town. We listened to a little live music while observing the locals and it was all lovely. Everything was lovely. We ordered pizza from an amazing little place. (Taos pizza outback, 10/10) and picked it up on the way back. It was just… such a good, relaxing experience, and I feel like we both needed it. yeah. Anyway, I just ordered a few things on Amazon, using my birthday gift card. I got some jewelry making supplies, and a few other small things that could possibly be fun, in theory. I was going to try and get some jewelry for my nose piercing but I didn’t find anything that I absolutely loved. Soooo yeah. *shrugs* I still have a little money left on the card, so I can maybe get something still. *shrugs more* Piercings also fall into the category of sensations I enjoy experiencing. Not just the feeling of the needle doing it’s work, but the sensation of it suddenly being there, and the (not easy) task of caring for it. I dunno. yeah.  whatever. I’m gunna be done writing this for now. Tomorrow I have to do a lot of stuff, and I can’t forget to get my stupid jury duty thing sent in. Okay, bye.


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