I’m having emotions. I just listened to a patreon exclusive THING and read a whole fucking play that goes with it and now I have feelings. Anyway, yeah. okay. whatever. I’m really liking my new netbook. This is the first time I’ve used it for an extended period of time, and it’s pretty rad. Especially considering it literally cost $107 brand spankin’ new. Like… no way you could possibly beat that. God, I want to write a song. Why don’t I write a song? Why can’t I write a song? I want to write a thrashing, screaming song tbh. And speaking of thrashing and screaming I really want to go to the coheed and cambria show on the 20th, but I have literally no money, and it’s only $30 for a ticket, but that’s also the day that my electricity bill is due or they are going to shut off the power… soooo…. ya know… priorities. But my bones itch for it, and my nose ring would make a very nice addition to my Concert Aesthetic(tm) (Although I would be hella paranoid about it in the pit tbh. I usually don’t wear any jewelry because of *being scared of getting it caught* reasons. Still, my *one hand up to protect the face and one hand out for shoving* technique has served me really well, so it would probably be fine.) Soooo yeah, that was a cool random tangent. Also, the battery power on this thing is amazing so far. It’s still got 40% battery and I’ve had it since Saturday and only charged it THE ONE TIME. I should go to sleep now, but I also kinda wanna stay awake forever and get the chapter that I promised just… finished. Seriously, I feel so rusty at descriptive writing?? Like I honestly can’t tell if I’m doing terrible or okay. ??? -shrugs forever- I’ve still only barely started so I will probably keep getting better. We’ll see. Okay, I need to be done doing this right now anyway. I should for sure try to sleep as soon as I can, lol. But …. we’ll see what happens with that. -shrugs more and just keeps shrugging- peace!


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