The Seagrape Private Dining Room

I’m doing a *flash in the pan* set of wedding venue guides today. Like… 10 in 10 hours, the pool is already empty and done and I have one more in my queue and then that’s it. They went sooo fast, faster than I’ve ever seen them go I think. It was pretty crazy, but I will have made $200 in one day which is not too bad. Still, I need way more so I hope more things happen soon. (please, more things… I need you to happen soon…) Anyway, yeah. whatever. I went to a literal wedding (pre)ception yesterday, and it was mostly boring and basically nothing and whatever, but I still have some feelings about it I guess?? That are weird and I’m not going to try to analyze them or address them at all really because it doesn’t matter and isn’t important at all and it’s fleeting and unnecessary and yeah. It’s mostly just making me feel slightly more grossed out about writing these guides than I usually do… which is sorta saying something?? but damn, it’s good money. I need more of them and I need them very very soon. Like… tomorrow soon. Like… right now soon. -deep breaths- okay, yeah. Like I said, I only have one left in my queue (in my q. fuck those extra super unnecessary four letters.) So I’m going to just … finish that shit real quick and then be done. This is the first **actual work** I’ve done on this netbook, and it’s worked perfectly, fast and accurate, absolutely no complaints. The keyboard is responsive and easy to use and I’ve already gotten used to all the little differences between this and my old laptop. (two fingers = right click) I love how lightweight this thing is, it’s basically just a giant smartphone with a keyboard. My literal phone has four times as much storage space actually… which is fucking nuts. But like I’ve said, it’s basically perfect for what I use it for, which is pretty much 80% typing, 10% web surfing, 10% netflix watching. And it cost $107 which is amazing and yeah I would highly highly recommend it for people who just need something light and functional. I dunno why I was so hung up on having storage space before. Like.. for what?? Right. Okay. I’ve procrastinated long enough, it’s time for me to go finish my work. Peace.


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