concerto grosso


So, I got to go see Coheed and Cambria today. One of my teenage style faves, still like them (obviously lol) I sort of forgot that it was today, and then I decided I wanted to go like… super last minute. Then I almost didn’t get to go because I only have $14 in my bank account, and the tickets were $30 cash only. But my S.O figured out a way to make it happen for me, which was really super awesome. Concerts are good for my heart soul. My spirit guts. It was a really good show, they played some songs I didn’t really recognize, but they also played a lot of my faves. I just… love the atmosphere of such an event. The chaos, the camaraderie, all of the body language talking and reading that everyone is doing without even really being aware of it. I threw myself into the middle of it. The pit grew and shrank like a breathing beast, and I just flowed with it. Sometimes right in the middle, strangers bodies all slamming into me and the ring pushing us back into the middle, back into each other. Sometimes on the edge, doing the pushing. Always picking people up if they fall. Always screaming and clapping and giving high fives. I took a few pictures but I always try not to have my phone out for more than a few seconds. (I mainly took pics during songs I wasn’t super into.)


Claudio (that’s the lead singer’s name) totally fucking shredded on that two neck guitar for a couple songs, which was impressive. Also, his hair was impressive. His voice has that same strange and unique quality that makes their music stand out. I wasn’t sure if it would be as pronounced live, but it was. (Actually, honestly, I think I might have seen them live once before??? But I don’t remember for sure???? I used to go to a **lot** of concerts and they all kinda blend together in my memory. Sooo since I don’t remember for sure I’m just going to say this was my first time seeing them live.) So, yeah. My feet got stepped on a million times, I’m for sure going to have a bruise on one of my shins, and both of my arms feel suuuuuper fucking tender. I imagine I’ll find other sore spots tomorrow. (maybe I should drink an aspirin) And that’s definitely partially the point for me. It’s… good. It’s unique. I don’t even register pain in the moment, it’s all just adrenaline and keeping my balance and protecting my face. It’s alive and it’s happening and I’m alive.


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