Mary Gay

***internal screams*** I had to borrow **a lot** of money from my parents because the company that bought out the company I’ve been working for has a fucking 30 day hold policy on all payments. So… like… the fucking $900 worth of work I did this week… which would have been totally enough to cover all of my rent and bills with a little left over… I won’t fucking see until November 2nd. Which… sucks… so…fucking…bad. Haha whoops, I just slipped away for a moment and started thinking about everything bad I’ve ever done in my entire life… haha… awesome. Anyway, yeah. whatever. I’ve got three more guides to write before I can go to sleep, and then 10 more to do tomorrow, and basically just…. I have to make enough to pay back my parents for this month’s rent plus enough for next month’s rent, plus enough for fucking December’s fucking rent before the 5th of next month. Soooo the moral of the story is I have to write my  goddamn ass off and my soul just has to fucking deal with it. If I could make 3 grand this month that would basically be enough. I’ll be up to a grand by the end of the night. *hysterical laughter* Like… if I get enough assignments, I can do it… but it’s a matter of whether or not I will get enough assignments, you know what I mean? yeah. I guess we’ll see. Haven’t heard anything about the trial I did yesterday… so… maybe I fucked it up, I dunno. There’s still 700 of these guides in the pool, but it’ll be down to 600 or 550 by tomorrow is my guess, and then once it gets down below 300 they basically fly out of the pool because we’re all competing with each other to see who can get them done first and get. that. paper. *deep breaths* my life is weird and the stuff I do for money is weird and I’m so tired. Okay, I have to go now, bye. (oh, also, one of the ballrooms at one of the venues I was writing about (I don’t fucking remember which one dude I’ve done 47 of them in a week) was named “Mary Gay” and I thought that would be the most hilarious place ever to have a gay wedding. Like… it would be a pretty swell place to marry gay. )

Actually, naw. I decided not to end this entry like that, because tonight my family celebrated Rosh Hashanah and it was nice and good. We were all there together, and we all ate food and drank wine and laughed about stuff and talked about stuff and hung out together and it was good. I am lucky that I get to have that. okay, bye.


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