At my parents house again, just for one night this time. Jury duty today was just long and boring as fuck. Tons of time with nothing happening and **of course** I didn’t have any work to do, so it was all just wasted time… as opposed to all the other times I’ve been there when I had a ton of work to do and no time to do it in. Awesome. Of course. Of course. Awesome. We had a two hour lunch. I could have gone home for a bit but it seemed… not worth it with the whole parking deal and just… everything involved. SO instead I went to lunch with some of the other jurors, some regulars and some alternates who were just there for today. IT was … boring. A bunch of old ladies and me. We talked about the justice system and dead pets and shit. Today we tried a high profile case. Like… if you look it up there are headlines about it worldwide. I didn’t know that at the time… but I do now. I can’t tell you guys what it is even though I would love to because it’s pretty interesting. Let’s see.. what else? I dunno. I’m tired and I’m always tired and I’m also bored now. so there’s that. I was the foreperson again today but I think the other girl is gunna do it next week and we’ll start switching back and forth, which is fine with me. I’m cool either way. I’m good at reading shit out loud and I have the oath thing memorized and it’s pretty easy tbh. I wish I could chill the fuck out, but I really suck at chillin’ the fuck out. Someone needs to take me to chillin’ the fuck out school and teach me how to do it. My brain is all go all the time. Just on and on and god, shut the fuck up. Give me some peace. Even substances that are supposed to facilitate chillin’ the fuck out don’t really work how they’re supposed to on me. -shrugs forever and always- Poltergeist 3 is on TV and I’m vaguely watching it on silent. I want to get some cheap tacos and some frozen yogurt and I haven’t eaten in like 7 hours so I’m getting pretty hungry. I need to be careful. I need to be vigilant. See? Shit like that is why I suck at chillin’ the fuck out. I’m just writing this to kill time at this point, so I think I should just go. peace.


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