Naps and narcs

Deep soul exhaustion. You know how draining it is on my introvert self to have to have deep, serious discussions with a group of 11 other people for hours and hours at a time? To fucking lead and facilitate these discussions? It’s so fucking draining yo. It was supposed to be done at noon today but it went until 3 … and then I had to stick around after everyone else went home to sign some shit on the record. That took another 20 minutes. When I went down to turn in the paperwork and the attendance sheet the dude apologized like a zillion times that it took so long and said that he would pay me for extra time and I was just like “it’s cool it’s cool it’s cool it’s cool no worries no worries no worries no worries” It’s certainly not an income, but I *am* going to get at least a little money out of this. I don’t even know when or how much I’ll get paid, but yeah. My cousin and her husband and their kid are in town. I’ve never met her kid before, he’s like… 2? He’s interesting. Pretty sweet. It’s weird to be around a kid, I dunno how to deal with it. But he was super cute and really polite and there was live music and he was dancing to it all cute and surprisingly on rhythm. Anyway, I think I’m going to either the zoo or the aquarium with them tomorrow? Fuck, I’m tired. Like… just… so tired. And sucking at getting enough exercise lately. Just…excuses and abuses and weaknesses. I need to go fucking scrub the fucking ferret shit out of the bathroom, just in case any of them come into our place tomorrow. Sooooo yeah. I’m definitely looking forward to that. Seems like the perfect way to cap off my fucking day. I’m out. peace.


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