Arms and armour

My gun is officially ordered. A sub-compact .9mm with a 12 round magazine. Arrangements to pick it up from a licensed dealership have already been made. I also ordered a safe for it today. It’s all happening and honestly? I’m kinda excited about it. Also honestly, it’s way too easy to get a gun in my state and there should definitely be stricter laws about it. You do have to do a background check, but there’s no waiting period. No registration. Just sayin’. Anyway, I think I will feel a sense of relief once I have it. Like I said, I’ve been thinking about getting one for like a year but my queer Jewish ass decided now was the right time… because of reasons. I just tried to look at the SUPERMOON(tm) and it looks suspiciously like a regular ass full moon. It might look bigger a little later, I’ll check back in the early early AM hours. (oh sweet, I just got a notification that my safe shipped already. Nice. ) Man, I’m super hungry and I think I’m going to make dinner in a few minutes. It’s 10pm, so I feel like that’s pretty much high time for dinner lol. Okay, yeah. whatever. yeah. Tomorrow is Monday and I am going to do some stuff and get stuff done, but tonight is Sunday and I’m going to drink red wine and eat open faced sandwiches and watch some cartoons and such. Okay, peace!


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