Feel like I’m having a slow burn anxiety attack. Might be because of all the caffeine I’ve had today (it’s been a lot) might be because of a multitude of real life factors that are playing across my mind right now. Who fucking knows, not me that’s who. Either way, it is less than stellar, and I’ve had a hard fucking day yo. Like… A very fucking draining 9.5 hours of jury duty. Real life stories of pain and death and terror and I’m there. I’m leading everyone through it. Keeping my voice all strong all clear as I read out charges that turn my stomach. At least one of the panel members almost always wants to buy me lunch, as a thank you I guess? I kinda wish they wouldn’t because it makes me feel awkward as fuck, and also most days I wasn’t planning on eating lunch, but I don’t know how to explain that to near strangers without seeming super weird or telling them shit about myself I don’t feel like telling them. Soooo yeah. I dunno. That’s really not important and like what an awkward fucker I am getting stressed out about people offering me free food. Anyway, speaking of food I’m making some weird shit for dinner and hopefully it won’t be a monstrosity. Hopefully I can chill the fuck out and stop shivering. Peace.


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